Does your dog walk you instead of the other way around? Is your doggy launching at everything in sight? Do you feel your buddy is running your life?

You don’t have to live like this! There is help!


We are professional dog behaviorists and certified trainers (IACP CDT) who specialize in dog psychology and behavior modification. We work with clients all over Southern California and can also help you.

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Testimonial: “Our Golden Retriever puppy was very hard to control. He was constantly chewing on everything including our hands and feet. We needed help so we hired Happy Dog Training. Ralf has been working with our dog Teddy for 6 weeks and he is now well behaved and totally manageable. Ralf is a very knowledgable in the area of canine behavior and his knowledge has resulted in excellent results I highly recommend Ralf and his staff.”Tony C.
If Your Dog Could Talk

We can help you resolve your dog’s misbehavior; incl. aggression, fear and anxiety or whatever else might be bothering your furry friend. We can teach good doggy manners on the walk, around the house, the neighborhood or dog park, help you prepare your dog for the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test by the American Kennel Club (AKC), and offer private lessons as well as group classes. We have hands-on experience with all types of behavior modification and obedience training and are particularly specialized in resolving dog aggression. We offer many fixed priced training programs with guaranteed outcomes – no other dog training company does. Satisfaction guaranteed!

We will help you. We will never quit. We will never abandon you. We will fix your problems!

Our team presently consists of Ralf and Kyla. Ralf, founder and owner, is a certified dog trainer (IACP CDT) and a member of the International Association of Canine Professionals. Ralf is also a certified AKC evaluator (S.T.A.R. Puppy, Canine Good Citizen and Community Canine), trained in canine first aid by the Red Cross and the author of the behavioral book “If Your Dog Could Talk,” which is available on Amazon, Kindle and Nook. Kyla, our lead obedience trainer, is also a member of the International Association of Canine Professionals. Kyla has trained under Ralf extensively and upon completion of her training joined the team. See our profiles for more. We carry professional liability insurance.

Testimonial: “We are indebted to Ralf for his work with our 14 lb. Chihuahua, Logan. Ralf is a true “pack leader!” We actually saw positive results in the first hour that Ralf worked with Logan! We wanted to change the aggressive behavior Logan displayed with hearing and seeing other dogs, large dogs in particular … We liked Ralf’s teaching technique! … This was a very rewarding experience! If in doubt, you have to meet Ralf. You will immediately sense his leadership qualities and the command he exhibits in his dog training! Some people are just born to lead, and Ralf is one of those leaders!!!” – Bill And Carol T.

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Our Training Style

Our training style and dog rehabilitation methods are based on a sound understanding of dog psychology and pack behavior. By combining positive reinforcement techniques for good behaviors with effective corrections for wrong behaviors we achieve fast and lasting results. We can help you build a better relationship with your canine companions, help you understand them better, teach you how to effectively communicate with your dogs and create a happy balanced partnership. Based on experience, we believe in and use Cesar Millan’s philosophy of dog psychology to improve the human/canine bond; Ralf is also a member of the Cesar Millan Pack Leader group.

(Disclaimer: Ralf supports the Cesar Millan Foundation. However, Ralf’s work as a dog trainer is not endorsed by Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer TV show, Cesar Millan, Inc., the Cesar Millan Foundation, or any affiliated group or company.)

Testimonial: “Today was only lesson one ,but the improvement was dramatic. I feel I definitely made the right choice for my dog.” – Dana R.

Recent Lectures

  • Friends of the Dog Park (San Dimas)
  • Veterinary Technician Association (Inland Empire)

I am available for lectures on dog related matters. To inquire about availability and rates please contact me at

My most popular lecture topics are Understanding Canine Behavior and Resolving Aggression.

Free on-site consultations are usually the best way to get started in understanding what is involved in addressing your particular doggy challenges.

Our problem resolution programs do include some free boarding with one of our behaviorists if deemed necessary after evaluation.

Contact us here for a FREE on site consultation to discuss how we can help you best.

Based out of Corona in Riverside County, we currently offer dog training and behavioral modification in the following areas: Riverside County, Orange County, San Bernardino County, Los Angeles County and San Diego County.

Testimonial: “Ralf has done amazing work with our dog Lady. To say she is a different dog would be a gross understatement …” – Joe and Annie Z.

Interview with Ralf on Dog Talk

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