I received a rare opportunity to shadow Ralf Weber for 2+ months this summer. Ralf’s shadow program offers a vast amount of knowledge, but he specializes in modification of canine fearful behavior. As a student of dog behavior, I was able to observe the changes in the canine clients he worked with over the time I was there and see their confidence build. The knowledge I received and applied to my own dogs during my program has made a noticeable difference at home, primarily in regards to their confidence.

Ralf uses a solid, well-researched combination of science and modern dog training techniques to help the dogs and owners achieve their goals. The program itself is well rounded and in-depth. I had access to select daytime sessions, both at the facility and at the clients’ homes. On specific evenings, Ralf conducts social club nights during which we worked on fear and other undesirable behaviors in the presence of other dogs.

Ralf made me feel comfortable and relaxed during the sessions. He offered information on growing a business, website design, branding, and even a little sword fighting and magic tricks on the side! I was able to observe his day to day training routine with clients, worked with “board and trains”, and worked with my own dogs under his supervision. He was able to explain his methods clearly and answered any questions I had.

I appreciate my time with Ralf and will use the skills I learned from him on a daily basis. I recommend his program without reservation.

Sara W, https://www.happydogtraining.info/podcast/podcast-shadow-student-sara-white-episode-8/

From the time Willow was a few months old, I knew that this smart girl of mine needed more training than I was able to provide. I began to seek out trainers that would provide a one-on-one training environment to help target Willow's insecure barking and reactivity towards people and dogs ... this search landed us in the hands of Ralf Weber from Happy Dog Training.

I'm amazed at the progress both Willow and I made during our 15 sessions. She went from reacting and checking out, to either no reaction or reacting and then checking in for further direction. Oh, the magic of the ‘ah-ah’!

Ralf’s methods are simple and clear with a focus on timing and direction using verbal markers. This speaks to me as a horse person who trains horses using natural horsemanship methods. If natural dogmanship is a thing, Ralf has it!

Willow and I still have work to do but I feel fully equipped with the knowledge and tools to continue her progress.

Angela A.,

Ralf has been very instrumental in guiding me with my sibling rescues. I adopted a brother and sister Shepard mix. They developed problems with strangers and other dogs after their 1st year. Stella and Remy were having issues with biting and general fear, I turned to Ralf desperately for help.

His total confidence and non-judgemental demeanor in responding to me was such a relief. His initial meet and greet to analyze the dogs was so pleasant. I am always amazed by his approach. His ease with a fearful dog and redirecting the energy is such a wonderful model to use.

The lessons and training techniques he uses are positive, not shaming or confusing. When there are corrections to be made with the dogs or me, it is always in a calm manner. He will show you how to approach any situation, with sensible, sound instructions. Remy and Stella have made remarkable improvements, I am so pleased!

This is a truly professional Training Company, I highly recommend Happy Dog Training!

Jeni R,

After attending a group obedience class with my 6-month-old Weimaraner, Linus, I realized he needed more one on one attention. I found Ralf through his Doggie Social Club (which I highly recommend!) and hired him as soon as I saw how quickly Linus responded to him. After just one session with Ralf I noticed a dramatic change in Linus.

Ralf reinforced the importance of using markers and reward and through this method, Linus learned a new behavior at every session. Using an Operant Conditioning approach, Ralf helped Linus improve his loose leash walking, helped him become more confident around children and other dogs, and taught him to keep his focus on me when distractions were present.

Ralf’s vast knowledge of a dog’s psyche and how it thinks brought a high level of training to each session. The “homework” he gave was manageable and immediately effective when working with Linus on my own -- it truly made a difference in Linus’s success!

I highly recommend Ralf for all levels of training needs. He gets to know your dog (and you) and helps you really understand the methods you use to train your dog and why they are effective. Ralf does this with experience, professionalism and a great sense of humor! “Ralf days” were one of Linus’s favorite days of the week!

Donna R.,

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