Houdini came to us after he was abandoned and was left to fend for himself. He was very underweight and used to being independent and in charge. The main challenge for Houdini was introducing him to my cats, Joey and Baby Freaksauce. Initially, I was optimistic that we could live as a happy family, until Houdini attempted to take a bite out of Joey's tail. Fortunately there were no injuries, but that day I decided to call for help, and was lucky enough to get connected with Ralf.

Ralf made me and Houdini feel comfortable from the moment we met. He was patient and kind not only to Houdini, but also to me. Ralf made sure to explain the rationale behind the behavioral training we were doing and made the sessions both educational and enjoyable. Ralf was flexible in his scheduling and the fact that he was able to train us in my home was invaluable.

Today, Houdini is fully integrated into the family. I no longer worry about him attacking my cats; I can actually walk him without being dragged behind; and his days as an escape artist are well past, as he happily understands his boundaries and stays in our yard without attempting to escape or wander off.

Before meeting Ralf and going through our training, I was sure that I could not keep Houdini and was actively searching for another home for him. Now, I can't imagine my life without him.

Liz M.,

Ralf has done amazing work with our dog Lady. To say she is a different dog would be a gross understatement. Before we met Ralf we had some serious issues.

Lady was a rescue from the South LA Shelter, who was found because she had been dragged by a car. She had several scars both physical and emotional. Lady was incredibly sweet and loving, but also had powerful distrust of strangers and especially men. We had reached a breaking point when she had bit 2 of our friends in the same week. We had tried other trainers, and made the decision that if things didn't work out with Ralf, we would have to give her up to someone that could handle her issues.

When Ralf arrived we were a bit nervous, because he told us simply he wasn't afraid and would walk into our house and demand her respect. Lady tried to bite him 3 times within the first 10 minutes he was there.

Amazingly, by the end of our first 3 hour session, she was walking on the leash without pulling, and had clearly given Ralf her respect. Not only did he give us the tools to maintain a calm, submissive, and much happier dog, he explained in simple terms why she responded to the methods he used and taught us to use them as well.

Ralf was a great teacher to Lady, but an even better teacher to us.

Today Lady goes out to coffee, gives strangers kisses, and only barks at the mailman 🙂

Joe and Annie Z.,

I was skeptical of Ralph's skills before meeting him because all of his reviews were outstanding. It seemed impossible that such a dog trainer would be accessible or affordable. My dog had a lot of fear issues with random people and dogs. When we met Ralph, he showed me his techniques and there were immediate results that I was able to do on my own. Since hiring him a few months ago, we continue to train (I have 2 dogs). He is highly skilled as a trainer especially with dog aggression. I am completely satisfied with his services. He is talented, motivated and has a true business ethic. I endorse his work and fully recommend him as a dog trainer.

Coco B.,

After one session, each of my dogs could walk civilly on leash. After one week of practice, I could walk both dogs together through kids, traffic, barking dogs and other distractions.

After our second visit and a few days of practice. My puppy can sit and stay while I walk around and move out of sight. I'm looking forward to our continuing sessions with Ralf to learn more good behavior and make my loving a dogs a constant pleasure to both me and my visitors.

Ann M.,

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