Caring for Your German Shepherd

My German Shepherd Max is 18 years old. I rescued him from a shelter when he was 8 years old, he has been part of my family for the past 10 years. He is in excellent health and in this video, I am sharing how I care for him. Below the video, you find the links to all referenced products:

Unlocking the Canine Ancestral Diet: Healthier Dog Food the ABC Way
This book is the foundation of the custom raw dog recipes we are offering. It is a great introduction and overview on raw feeding. It was recommended to us by Keto Pet Sanctuary. One of the books we highly recommend if you want to take charge of your dog's health.

Breed-Specific German Shepherd Raw Food: Raw Food Recipe (the German Shepherd version, all work is done)
Breed-Specific German Shepherd Cooked Food: The Best Cooked Diet for a German Shepherd
If you live in Southern California we recommend you buy your raw meat in bulk from Harmony Farms.
Supplements for all dog breeds: Supplements for Canine Health
High-Quality Fish Oil Omega-3 Pet by Nordic Naturals.
Why Salmonella is NOT a concern when RAW Feeding: Digesting Bones, Gastric Acidity, Salmonella in Dogs
Holistic Veterinarians support RAW Feeding: Raw Feeding Veterinary Society
Ian Billinghurst: Give Your Dog a Bone (The Practical Commonsense Way to Feed Dogs for a Long Healthy Life)

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