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Hiking with Dogs

I love hiking and especially enjoy bringing my dogs along. My hikes usually last anywhere from four to twelve hours and include significant elevation changes over distance in remote locations. During my excursions into the wild I learned a lot about hiking from an experienced friend; who is my regular hiking partner, but also made my own observations regarding human and canine needs on the trails. My regular hiking companion Sylvester...

Getting Ready for the Vet

It can be scary for a dog to visit the veterinarian. It’s an unfamiliar place with many different animal smells. Your dog can sense the discomfort of other dogs already there. It can make your buddy tense before you even set foot inside the office. And then there is that wobbly scale,...

Housebreaking (aka Potty Training)

Teaching your dog to not soil the home is often the first challenge dog owners face. Depending on your approach, you either have a good time with your dog during this phase, or live through a peeing and pooping nightmare.
Housetraining a dog is not rocket science but it does require consistency...

Understanding Leash-Reactivity aka Leash-Aggression

Leash-reactivity is characterized by a dog who pulls, barks, snarls, growls and shows other signals that are seemingly aggressive towards other dogs or people while on leash only. Many people speak of leash-aggression but that is an incorrect term. We distinguish sixteen different types of aggression and 'leash-aggression' isn't a valid term. A...

How to hire a Dog Trainer

For help finding a skilled dog professional, consider asking friends and neighbors for referrals or call a reputable pet sitting service. Better, yet, contact a local veterinarian. The staff can be a great resource for finding a good behaviorist or trainer.
In the Professional Services section located at the back...

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