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A Brief History of the Dog

The earliest known domesticated dog was found at a German burial site dated 14,000 B.C. Dogs were thought to have worked cooperatively with humans to locate and announce the position of prey wounded by hunters. A recent study in the journal Science, however, which looked at mitochondrial DNA from dogs, wolves, coyotes, and jackals—concluded that wolves and dogs may have genetically diverged much earlier...

Dog Trainer Certifications and Licensing

It's a good idea to choose professionals who are knowledgeable and skilled for any service you need. It's no different with dog trainers and behaviorists. However, with professionals such as electricians and plumbers, there are certification and licensing. Not so with dog professionals.
In the United States, licensing and certification...

6 Top Reasons Why Our Dogs Need Training

Enjoying Good Manners: Dog ownership is a wonderful responsibility, but having a well-behaved dog doesn't just happen by accident; it requires training—ours and theirs.
Avoiding Behavioral Problems: Dogs aren't furry people. Dogs are animals. That doesn't make them any less than a person, but it makes...

Dogs and Cats

Having dogs and cats get along can be important if you happen to have one and want to add the other. The first step in evaluating how much effort it will be to make this a safe combination is something called a cat test. A cat test evaluates a dog for...

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