• Building Confidence
    Does your dog feel insecure, look nervous or bark out of fear? Is your dog afraid of loud noises? Or when seeing strangers? Or just scared of everything? Or does your dog lose it when you leave the home? Or ...? Fear and anxiety in dogs come in many forms. Fear can be related to people, things, sounds, sights, places, and so on. Anxiety from separation is another form, often found in rescued dogs. In response to fear, some dogs sniff the ground nervously, some run or hide, some dogs shake or cower, some pee and poop, some roll over and shut down, and some dogs become very aggressive or even attack and bite—all out of fear.
  • Living With Your Dog
    You love your dog but your furry family member is a handful to live with? This is the group class for you! Many group classes teach a set of commands but fail to help you having a successful relationship with your dog. What do you do when your dogs beg at the table or pay no attention to you when Continue Reading...
  • Puppy Starter Package
    Got a new puppy? Let us help you enjoy your puppy! We can assist with getting off to a great start and help you manage the inevitable, initial puppy challenges. This comprehensive 5-week program trains you, the owner, as well as your puppy and goes far beyond what is being offered by pet shops. Puppies can bite, scratch, jump, chew Continue Reading...
  • Obedience Training (Level 1)
    This comprehensive, 12-week program trains you—the owner—as well as your dog and goes far beyond what is being offered by pet shops. This is an investment in dog ownership, which will pay off for the rest of your life with any dog you'll ever have. Your dog will learn good manners including—but not limited to—not jumping up at people, walking Continue Reading...
If Your Dog Could Talk
If Your Dog Could Talk helps you understand your dog like never before!
Ralf Weber is a certified dog trainer (IACP CDT) and behaviorist. A professional member of the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP) and an AKC evaluator for Puppy S.T.A.R., Canine Good Citizen, and Community Canine certifications.