Dog Boarding

Dog Boarding
Need to go on a trip? Need a vacation? Don't know what to do with your dog? We can help. We will temporarily board your dog, while you are on the road and give you piece of mind, that your furry family member is safe. We can board large and even aggressive dogs, no one else will board. Also, if you have been turned down by other boarding places because your dog is a Pit Bull, German Shepherd, Rottweiler or any other breed many boarding places shy away from, give us a call.
We will keep your dog safe and can even work with him/her on her aggression while you are gone. As we are specialized in rehabilitating aggression in dogs you can rest assured that your dog will not get into trouble when you have to leave and will be safe with us.
If you have a smaller or medium size dog who gets along well with others, our rates are probably not appealing to you as we offer specialized boarding for dogs who have limited options.
However, many of our clients choose to board with us when they need to go out of town, as we keep up your dogs routine and walk them daily; most boarding places don't offer walks or charge extra.
What We Offer:

  • Large dog boarding.
  • Aggressive and vicious dog boarding.
  • Large outside kennel: 6-8 feet walls and barriers on top, making escape impossible even for jumpers and climbers; cedar bedding to keep pests away; lots of shade and water; doggy pool in the summer time.
  • Inside crates: any size dog; inside air-conditioned home in a designated room; only crated when it gets too hot outside and at night time.
  • Socialization with resident dogs.
  • Daily walks of 45-60 minutes.
  • Some aggression rehabilitation included (no replacement for our Dog Aggression Resolution Program
  • Pickup and drop off service possible but subject to availability and aggression level of your dog.

  • Current on vacinations for rabbies, parvo and distemper; titer results within prior 3 months accepted for parvo and distemper; for rabbies we need to see a valid vacination record as that one is a legal requirement.
  • Copy of current dog registration license for your city or county.
  • Your dog needs to be free of diseases and pests; especially ticks, fleas and worms.
  • Please read and complete our boarding contract (will be emailed to you) prior to dropping off your dog off.
  • Payment is required in full by cash or check at drop off.
Boarding Rates:

  • Regular Dog Boarding: $50 per day
  • Aggressive Dog Boarding: $100 per day
  • Pickup/Drop Off: $100 each way, up to 50 miles.
Based out of Corona in Riverside County, we currently offer dog training and behavior modification in the following areas: Riverside County, Orange County, San Bernardino County, Los Angeles County and San Diego County.
Contact us here for a free on site consultation to discuss how we can help you best.

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