People Aggression

People Aggression
This training program is for dogs aggressive towards people. If your dog is only aggressive towards other dogs and friendly with people, please check out our Dog Aggression Resolution Program.
Living with an aggressive dog is stressful. Never being certain what will happen on your daily walk, potential injuries, vet bills, legal consequences, and so on. You don't have to live like this. Our comprehensive dog rehabilitation program can resolve your dog aggression problem. We are specialized in resolving dog aggression of all types and will do all we can to give you the dog you always wanted. We have over 12 years of experience in the resolving aggression in dogs and can handle any case.
We offer free, in-home evaluations to determine if this program is right for your situation. Many cases our clients have brought to us did not require this kind of comprehensive approach and could be resolved in the homes of the owners. Let us evaluate how severe your problem truly is. What may feel very serious to you, may not be as bad as it seems. Many of our clients have been surprised how easy some aggression cases could be resolved‐especially with younger dogs it's often much easier than you may think. Let us help you keep your family together!
Our attorneys won't let us guarantee outcomes but to date we have always succeeded in dissolving aggression in dogs where the owners have followed our guidance. If you trust us, we will help you keeping your family together.
Program Benefits:

  • We offer a free evaluation of your dog at your home to determine what kind of behavior your dog demonstrates; this free, initial consultation is non-binding with no risk to you.
  • You will see significant improvements in your dogs behavior with this program and in most cases the aggression can be resolved completely.
  • We will board your dog for an initial period of about four to six weeks with one of our behaviorists before your dog returns home for phase two of the rehabilitation. Boarding as part of this program is free of charge (additional fees for special needs dogs may apply; i.e. special dietary or medical needs, etc.).
  • Aggression rehabilitation often requires muzzles as well as the right leashes and collars; all tools required for your dog are included in the price (a $150 value) and will be yours to keep after the program is complete.
  • Average resolution time is three to four months but may vary (shorter or longer). We will work with you as long as it takes to fix the problem to the maximum extend possible.
  • Free lifetime support for the dog the program was purchased for; including 1 free revisit per month after program completion (by request).
Common Symptoms:

  • Launching at other dogs on walks.
  • Staring at other dogs.
  • Attacking dogs at random.
  • Chasing everything that moves with intention to kill.
  • Has drawn blood from dogs.
  • Has been recommended for euthanasia by a veterinarian (don't do it!).
  • You have been issued an animal restraining order.
  • Unsafe around other dogs in general.
If you are a public 501(c)(3) charitable organization and need help with making a rescue dog more adoptable, please contact us here. We offer discounts to charitable organizations and will help you save dogs if possible. Our capacity is limited but space permitting, we will help you as much as we can.

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