Drives, Nutrition, Parvo (#1)

Show Notes on Episode 1

Drives (Ralf)

Your dog was born with a set of instinctive behaviours that it inherited from his parents. These behaviours can be grouped into three broad categories – prey, pack and defence – called drives. How many behaviours a dog has in each drive, will determine his temperament, his personality and how he perceives the world.

Prey Drive: Prey drive is the desire to chase a moving object, and to grab it and shake it once it's caught.

Defensive Drive: A dog's defensive drive is the drive to protect itself from a perceived threat. (Fight Flight, Avoidance)

Pack Drive: Pack drive consists of behaviours associated with being part of a pack, including reproductive behaviours. Dogs are pack animals, which means adhering to a social hierarchy governed by rules of behaviour to assure order. In the case of a dog, the ability to be part of a group translates itself into a willingness to work with us as part of a team.

Fight Drive: Interaction of prey and defence where the dog carries the forwardness of prey with the intensity of defence.


Nutrition (Kyla)

All discussed supplements can be found here:

Natural Parvo Cure (Ralf)

Information on curing Parvo naturally using activated charcoal, electrolyte solution and colloidal silver:

Fun Breed Fact (Kyla)

Pitbulls are not a breed,

Ralf's German Shepherd Rescue Sylvester's Haven:

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