Prong Collar Bans & Social Media Q&A (#3)

The SPCA San Francisco wants to ban prong collars. We have a few things to say about their campaign!


Show Notes on Episode 3: Prong Collar Bans, Social Media Q&A

SPCA Misinformation Campaign:

Prong collars may look like medieval torture tools but are they? Understand how prong collars—and other dog collars—work. How your dog experiences them and what they do to its neck. Discover why prong collars are the mildest of all physical training collars and why most concerns you hear are unwarranted.

We need to acknowledge that any dog collar can be abused and that is of course not acceptable. But that is hardly an argument against the proper use of effective training tools. You can abuse anything. You can carve someone's eyeball out with a teaspoon. That is not an argument against teaspoons. We advocate proper education and training and using prong collars and other training tools responsibly and correctly. We encourage you to hire a local dog trainer to teach you what training collar is appropriate for your dog and how to use it correctly. Real Facts from Experts: Online Course on Understanding Prong Collars

Dog owners are confronted with a wide variety of dog collars in stores today. In addition to regular dog collars—with hundreds of different designs alone—you can find a wide range of specialized training collars, which can make it really confusing as to what collar to choose. Especially prong collars and e-collars enflame all kinds of passions with certain groups who call some of these cruel, barbaric, or inhumane. Understand how prong collars and other dog collars work on your dog. Dog Collars - An Overview

Social Media Q&A (Kyla)

We are discussing the following questions:

  • Should dogs sleep in the bed with you?
  • Should I give my dog table food?
  • Are there aggressive dog breeds?

Fun Breed Facts on Pugs (Kyla)

Pugs have only one purpose ... snuggling up with you. He probably doesn't need a prong collar 😉

Source: Types of Small Dogs: Which Breed is Right for You?

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