Prong Collar Bans & Social Media Q&A (#3)

Show Notes on Episode 3

SPCA San Francisco Anti-Prong Collar Campaign (Ralf)

The SPCA San Francisco wants to ban prong collars. We have a few things to say about their campaign!

SPCA Misinformation Campaign:

Real Facts from Experts: Online Course on Understanding Prong Collars

Understand how dog collars work on your dog. Dog Collars - An Overview

Social Media Q&A (Kyla)

We are discussing the following questions:

  • Should dogs sleep in the bed with you?
  • Should I give my dog table food?
  • Are there aggressive dog breeds?

Fun Breed Facts on Pugs (Kyla)

Pugs have only one purpose ... suggeling up with you.

Source: Types of Small Dogs: Which Breed is Right for You?

Ralf's German Shepherd Rescue Sylvester's Haven:
Kyla's Pitbull Rescue Beauty and the Bully:

Submit questions or comments at: [email protected]


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