Shadow Student Sara White (#8)

Shadowing is fun! Shadow Students, get to spend an entire week with me. This allows you to participate in all training and behavioral cases. Some are in person and some are board and train dogs. In addition, we talk about dogs and dog training all week. You will learn more about training principles and learning theory. Further, we discuss the importance of genetics and evolutionary psychology. Also, we review training methods, tools, and techniques. Finally, shadowing also includes discussing canine health, business skills, and much more. There is no set curriculum, as it varies weekly based on client cases.

Show Notes on Episode 8

This episode features a dog training conversation with my shadow student Sara White. I  first met Sara during a dog training workshop we attended together. Later, she contacted me about my shadow program and here we are. Sara opted for an extended shadow experience and as a result, got to see and discuss a lot! We also worked with her own two dogs and attended another workshop together in the middle of it.

In this podcast, we are discussing the importance of understanding the seeking system. The conversation also touches on workshops—we attended one together—and learning principles. Of course, we talked about Sara's dogs Exodus and Harley, and discussed socialization and obedience training. The conversation went far and wide. Enjoy!

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