Learn How to Introduce Your Dog to a Muzzle

Having a muzzle for your dog and the dog being comfortable with the muzzle can safe your dog's life in an emergency or evacuation situation. Rescue workers might not be able to save your dogs if they aren't muzzled. In a stressful situation all dogs‐no matter how mellow usually‐ can bite the people trying to save them. Every dog owner should have muzzles for all their dogs and their dogs should be used them, so you are ready when it counts.
You can get the muzzle shown in the video at the www.dog-muzzle-store.com. The Dog Muzzle Store is our go-to place for all types of muzzles. We recommend you select the $10 shipping upgrade for expedited delivery to get your muzzle in about one week. These muzzles ship from Israel and standard shipping can take four to six weeks. The Dog Muzzle Store provides detailed measuring instructions on their website to get the perfect muzzle size for your dog.

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