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“You got a dog to have a friend. You want training so your friend is more pleasant to live with.”

We resisted offering a group class for the longest time, as we were never really happy with how they turned out. I looked at many models and tried many approaches. We have A LOT of clients who have been through big box store group classes and their dogs were still a nightmare because they failed to do the one thing you went there for in the first place. Make your dog more pleasant to live with!

Our group class is different.

You should be able to enjoy your dog! We want you to know how to handle new and unfamiliar situations your dog may get into down the line. With us, you have support for your dog for his entire life. We are proud to offer you 'Pack To Basics' style Group Classes as designed by Chad Mackin!

Happy Dog Club Benefits:

  • Lifetime Club Membership for the price of one class.
  • Come back to any future class for more practice, for as often as you like!
  • Free access to our private communities on Facebook and Google+
  • Personal account on our website with access to video demos for all training exercises.
  • Lifetime access to your trainer with any dog-related questions.
  • The membership stays with your dog, even if he/she has to change families.
The Happy Dog Club is different. We don't try the impossible by promising you a perfectly trained dog in six weeks. That's unrealistic. It takes a lot more time to train a dog to be reliable in all circumstances. We want to help you to enjoy your dog. Have fun learning new skills and feel confident in yourself with your dog as new situations arise. We want to empower you to focus on what matters to you. Come back to any future Happy Dog Club Group Class to learn more if you like. You decide how much you want your dog to learn.
Our Happy Dog Club Group Class is a 9-week, fixed-price group class with a final skills test for your dog and a class certificate in week 9. We cover:
  • 1st Week: Introduction, Attention Exercises, Divided Attention, Markers. Week 1 is without dogs.
  • 2nd Week: Focus, Attention and Drive Through Game Play, Treat Games, Leash Work, Commands
  • 3rd Week: Understanding Rewards, Commands
  • 4th Week: More Markers, Commands
  • 5th Week: Commands and Practice
  • 6th Week: Commands, Attention Exercises
  • 7th Week: Practice with Distractions, Problem Solving Strategies
  • 8th Week: Practice Drills
  • 9th Week: Skills Test, Award Ceremony

Club & Group Class Details:

  • The Happy Dog Club is a group class membership program. For a one-time fee of $295, your dog can attend as many group classes as you like. We want you come back for future classes!
  • Each group class is limited to about 15 dogs, so we can give everyone enough personal attention.
  • Prices are per dog and every dog needs to come with their own handler. All dog handlers need to be 18 years or older and kids under 18 years of age need to be accompanied by an adult handling your dog.
  • You're welcome to bring your partner.
  • All dogs must be current on the following vaccinations: Rabies, Parvo and Distemper, as well free of parasites. We accept titer tests and vet bills as proof of vaccination and fecal tests. Look for Rabies, DAPP or DHPP on your vet bill. Rabies must be current as required by law, Parvo and distemper vaccines within the last 5 years, titer tests within the last 6 months, fecal tests within the last 3 months.
  • Each group class session runs about 75 minutes.
  • Classes are held in Riverside (enrolling now), San Marcos (coming soon) and Temecula (coming soon) and current schedules and class dates can always be found on this page.

Group classes are highly engaging and fun for your dog. You will love being part of the Happy Dog Club!

Available Locations
Riverside San Marcos Temecula
- - -
- - -
We will contact you by email after signup for proof of vaccination and fecal tests, as well as the mandatory liability waiver for the class location.

Based out of Riverside County, Happy Dog Training offers a broad range of dog training and behavioral services. Our in-person and board and train services are available in Riverside County, Orange County, San Bernardino County, Los Angeles County, and San Diego County. In addition, Happy Dog Training offers coaching and virtual training services worldwide.
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