Kyla Weller has been working with Ralf at Happy Dog Training since 2014. She is a former model and pageant queen who has spent many hours in animal philanthropy. Kyla has a Bachelor's degree in Law and Society from Pennsylvania State University but her true passion is working with dogs.

She has been fortunate enough to consider Southern California her home for her entire life and she does not see herself going anywhere anytime soon. You will rarely find Kyla anywhere without her Pitbull mix, Jax. Kyla and Jax can often be found hiking local trails, visiting a dog beach, or sitting on a patio at a restaurant.

Kyla has always been a dog lover but it was not until she adopted her own dog, Jax, that she came to realize the true meaning of being a pack leader. She takes great pleasure in being able to share that knowledge with others. In addition, raising Jax also taught her how much judgment “bully breed” dogs have to endure from society. She felt the need to spread the truth about Pitbulls which lead her to become the founder and president of the Pitbull rescue Beauty and the Bully, a 501(c)(3) charity. Kyla has produced a 2016 calendar featuring celebrity models posing with Pitbulls in order to create positive breed awareness. In addition to community education, Beauty and the Bully will soon become a rescue and rehabilitation facility for bully breed dogs.

Kyla can be reached here.


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