Ralf Weber is the president, owner and lead behaviorist of Happy Dog Training. Originally from Germany, Ralf worked for over twelve years in the technology consulting and software industries before he used his broad spectrum of knowledge and experience to start his own business.

Ralf has lived in California since 2001 and considers this amazing state his home. He is an avid hiker and you might run into him and his dogs on the trails. As a long time dog owner of large and small dogs Ralf has developed his own, unique style of resolving all types of dog misbehavior and training dogs in basic and advanced obedience. Ralf is the author of the behavioral book If Your Dog Could Talk: Understand Your Dog Like Never Before.

Ralf loves helping people having a better relationship with their dogs and is particularly specialized in resolving aggression and fear in dogs. Ralf is a certified dog trainer (IACP CDT, CDTA), an AKC approved evaluator for the AKC Puppy Star, CGC and Advanced CGC programs and certified in canine first aid by the Red Cross.

Ralf is also the founder and president of the German Shepherd rescue Sylvester's Haven, a 501(c)(3) charity.

Ralf can be reached here.

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International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP)

Dog Trainer Certification (IACP CDT)

Dog Trainer Certification Advanced (IACP CDTA)

Cancer Detection Dog Certification (In Situ Foundation)

Introduction to Service Dogs Certification (Most Fine Canine)

CGC Evaluator (AKC)

Socialization (Pack to Basics)

Teaching Group Classes (Pack to Basics)

Social Responsibility Foundation (Next Level Dogs)

Assault Prevention and Safety for Trainers (Canine Human Relationship Institute)

Advanced Dog Trainer Certification Course 2 (Joel Silverman, Movie Dog Training)

Dog First Aid (Red Cross)


Ralf's Social Networks

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