Dog TrainingProfessional dog training in Southern California. My name is Ralf Weber and I'm a certified dog trainer. I have been training dogs for over fifteen years and worked with close to a thousand dogs in my career so far. I am a certified dog trainer on an advanced level (IACP-CDT, CDTA) and hold multiple certifications in a wide range of dog training disciplines. Me and my team offer in-person dog training, board and train, private and group classes, as well as virtual coaching and workshops. Whatever your challenges may be, we can help you. Contact us today!

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Meet our professional certified dog trainers and behaviorists. We are relationship-based dog trainers. That means our focus is on creating the best possible relationship between you and your dog. We are specialized in building confidence in dogs, resolving aggression and problem behaviors and reliable obedience training. Let us help you. We offer dog training in-person to clients all over Southern California and virtal coaching and online dog training programs worldwide.

Naturally Healthy

Healthy Dogs Through Natural Ways
We always try natural solutions first. Everything we recommend, we have been using for many years and swear by it. Check our tips on nutrition and immune support. Explore our insights on healthy skin, joint support and dental health. And definitley review our advice on cancer prevention, vaccinations and parasite prvention. Dog training starts with a healthy dog and if your furry family member is not feeling well, learning new things is harder.

Virtual Training

Broaden Your Knowledge
Try a virtual training session delivered from our dedicated training room. We have helped many dog owners and trainers around the world troubleshoot training challenges and behaviors and can help you too! You will also enjoy learning new skills through our online dog training courses and lectures! We regularly release new, fun and educational content, so check back often or sign up for our newsletter to stay informed.

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  • Build Your Dog Up!
    Building your dog up is the key to a successful partnership with your furry family member. Too often, trainers just want you to punish your dog for perceived misbehavior. But how can your dog know what you want if you never made it clear so he can understand?
  • Shadow Student Sara White (#8)
    A dog training conversation with my shadow student Sara White, branching out wide and far ... the seeking system, workshops, learning principles, Sara's dogs Exodus and Harley, socialization, obedience, what we focus on.
  • Dog Boarding and Day Care Considerations

    Summer is here and many of us like to go on vacation or road trips during this time of year. But what about your canine family member? We have some tips and recommendations for the summer travel season.

Dog Training Testimonials

Dog Training Teddy

Our Golden Retriever puppy was very hard to control and constantly chewing on everything including our hands and feet. We needed help so we hired Happy Dog Training. Ralf has been working with our dog Teddy for 6 weeks and he is now well behaved and totally manageable. Ralf is a very knowledgable and helped us get excellent results. If you're looking for dog training I highly recommend Ralf and his team.” – Tony C.

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The Doggy Social Club is an advanced dog socialization program that allows all dogs to build better social skills around other dogs and people. Reactive and fearful dogs are welcome.

dog training

The Shadow Student program allows you to spend a week with dog trainer Ralf Weber and learn how we work. You get to come along to clients and take a deep dive into relationsip-based dog training.

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Our dog training group classes are different. You pay once and come back as often as you want. Every time we offer a group class all former students can re-attend for free to get to the next graduation level.

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