We got Arthur from the Seattle Humane Society with notes on his file that we were going to be his fourth home and that he was aggressive towards Men. Despite the warnings, we wanted to help this poor pup out and he played very well with our dog. Over the next year, despite hundreds of dollars spent on trainers, books, and classes, the problems got worse. His scary and unmanageable behaviors increased over time, including growling at men, lunging at cars and bikes on walks, and attacking other dogs. Additionally, Arthur bit several members of our family. We moved from Seattle to California last year and were at our wit's end. We were so desperate and afraid of what Arthur would do next we started calling shelters in our new area to try and find another home (all of the shelters advised us that the best thing we could do was put Arthur down due to his aggressive behaviors). Ralf was our last resource and my wife and I agree that Ralf saved Arthur's life.

Ralf wasn't the first trainer we met in order to help with Arthur but he was the best. The first and best thing Ralf gave us was hope. He told us during our first session that there was hope, that our snarling scary beast was actually a friendly, scared and cute dog that just needed consistent, firm leadership. Ralf didn't just give us the usual "tips and treats" like the other trainers did, telling us that "he's never going to be a cocktail dog" or my favorite "he's a real dog's dog". Instead Ralf taught us a philosophy of dog leadership and specific techniques we could use and live with. As our skills and confidence grew as pack leaders, the frequency of Arthur's “bad” behaviors rapidly decreased.

Arthur no longer growls at men and doesn't lunge at bikes and other dogs on his numerous walks throughout the day. In fact, Arthur actually wags his tail when he meets new people! Arthur no longer lunges at me when I get up in the middle of the night and we are not longer afraid that he is going to bite someone. Words cannot express the gratitude and appreciation we have for Ralf, his patience and knowledge and all that he has taught us. We are now more confident, consistent and hopeful dog owners and look forward to enjoying the rest of Arthur's long life together as a family. Thank you Ralf!

Simon & Molly T.,

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