Ralf is amazing!!! I can't say enough great things about him. What I can say is that whatever is wrong with your dog he can fix!

My dog "Buddy" is a Golden Retriever that I adopted from a shelter approximately 3 years ago. Buddy came with so many "issues" that my Vet put him on Prozac. I spent many agonizing hours and a great deal of money trying to help my Buddy. From the "Thunder Shirt" to every kind of obedience training there is - nothing worked UNTIL I FOUND RALF!.

Within 30 minutes of the first visit, my Buddy was a changed dog. Ralf immediately identified his problems and knew exactly how to correct them.

Buddy and I still have some more learning to do, he is in the process of decreasing the Prozac. But up until now it's been great and I know with Ralf's guidance - Buddy will become a happy and well behaved companion.

UPDATE: Buddy is now completely off Prozac and his fear and aggression are almost completely gone 🙂

Nannette B. ,

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