I absolutely love my animals and didn't think much of Charlie not going upstairs after a fire in my home. I just didn't want him stressed out and if he didn't want to go upstairs, well okay. When he was bitten by a rattlesnake, I realized that in case of an emergency or when Charlie needs additional care, being scared of going upstairs (anywhere) was a huge problem! Ralf was kind, firm and understanding. In a very short period of time, Charlie was going upstairs, and now, he's having fun upstairs once again. Learning about Charlie's personality and how his mind works did wonders for our owner/dog relationship, now we go for walks and runs (he runs and I try to keep up LOL) and he returns to me when I call him. We play a lot. Now when he wants something from me, Charlie comes and gets me then goes and shows me what he wants. We have built a great relationship! Thank you, Ralf!

Your score is 5 stars!!!!! Charlie and I would give you 500 if it was possible.

Marene J,

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