Let me start by saying Ralf saved our dogs life! Our search for a behaviorist began after the vet told us we should euthanize our dog, Hama. He was a "pack leader" and pretty aggressive. After an evaluation, Ralf decided it was best Hama stay with him for a few weeks so he could work with him consistently every day. Hama is a 68lb husky and made Ralf earn every penny ... and even though Hama put Ralf through a lot, Ralf was still amazing, kind, and gentle with Hama. He spoke so highly of our dog which made us feel at ease.

Six weeks later, Hama was ready to come home. Once Hama returned, Ralf continued to come once a week to work with us ... it was so much fun to watch Ralf & Hama see each other weekly....we couldn't tell who was more excited!

Since being with Ralf, returning, and graduating, Hama is a completely different dog. He is not aggressive, can walk on a leash, cuddles with us on the couch, and is so loving! We are still I'm contact with Ralf and are so thankful to have found him.

Laura H.,

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