Ralf has done amazing work with our dog Lady. To say she is a different dog would be a gross understatement. Before we met Ralf we had some serious issues.

Lady was a rescue from the South LA Shelter, who was found because she had been dragged by a car. She had several scars both physical and emotional. Lady was incredibly sweet and loving, but also had powerful distrust of strangers and especially men. We had reached a breaking point when she had bit 2 of our friends in the same week. We had tried other trainers, and made the decision that if things didn't work out with Ralf, we would have to give her up to someone that could handle her issues.

When Ralf arrived we were a bit nervous, because he told us simply he wasn't afraid and would walk into our house and demand her respect. Lady tried to bite him 3 times within the first 10 minutes he was there.

Amazingly, by the end of our first 3 hour session, she was walking on the leash without pulling, and had clearly given Ralf her respect. Not only did he give us the tools to maintain a calm, submissive, and much happier dog, he explained in simple terms why she responded to the methods he used and taught us to use them as well.

Ralf was a great teacher to Lady, but an even better teacher to us.

Today Lady goes out to coffee, gives strangers kisses, and only barks at the mailman 🙂

Joe and Annie Z.,

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