Our black, eight month old German Shepherd Luna was very hard to control. She was constantly spinning after her tail ripping off fur and would even break the skin and bleed. We took her to the vet and they said we would probably going to have to amputate her tail, this was unacceptable to us and quickly realized we needed to explore other options. We hired another trainer before we went to Happy Dog Training and after 2 sessions with the other trainer, we quickly realized that Luna’s problems were beyond a normal trainer. Ralf from Happy Dog training came recommended by other trainers as the goto for behavioral issues and so after our first failed attempt, we consulted with Ralf. From JUST the consultation we already started to see progress with Luna and managed to start breaking our dog’s spinning actions. Throughout our sessions, Ralf not only helped us break Luna’s obsessive spinning but also helped us managed her anxiety around other dogs. Now she is a very well adjusted dog with a beautiful tail she proudly wags around everywhere. Ralf is extremely knowledgeable and professional with the way he handles our fur children. I can’t express how much help Ralf has been to us and are forever in his debt. Ralf is a sure bet you won't need anyone else!

Danny and Jessica,

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