Merlin, a border-collie, loves to swim. He was born and raised in Seattle and he grew up chasing Frisbee and balls in Lake Washington. He could play in the water for hours and never get tired. We moved from Seattle to California and were excited that we moved into a house with pool as we thought that Merlin could continue spending hours in the water with his toys. We were shocked that our water loving dog was terrified of the pool. Merlin would not go near the pool, would circle widely around the pool when in the backyard, and hide in the bushes at the first sight of us in our swimsuits. We asked Ralf to help us with this issue and Ralf modeled for us how to slowly and consistently expose Merlin to the pool (as opposed to carrying him into the pool which we were doing). We spent the first week just walking Merlin calming and assertively around the pool, reinforcing that the pool was not scary. Over time, we slowly started walking Merlin into the pool and after two weeks Merlin was successfully swimming in the pool with reckless abandon.

Ralf demonstrated a mastery of dog psychology and taught us specific techniques to address a range of dog behavior problems (and how we humans contribute to the problem). We feel such gratitude for Ralf and his support and with the highest regards recommend anyone to contact Ralf if they are experiencing any type of issue with their dog. Thank you Ralf!

Molly and Simon T.,

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