Ralf has been very instrumental in guiding me with my sibling rescues. I adopted a brother and sister Shepard mix. They developed problems with strangers and other dogs after their 1st year. Stella and Remy were having issues with biting and general fear, I turned to Ralf desperately for help.

His total confidence and non-judgemental demeanor in responding to me was such a relief. His initial meet and greet to analyze the dogs was so pleasant. I am always amazed by his approach. His ease with a fearful dog and redirecting the energy is such a wonderful model to use.

The lessons and training techniques he uses are positive, not shaming or confusing. When there are corrections to be made with the dogs or me, it is always in a calm manner. He will show you how to approach any situation, with sensible, sound instructions. Remy and Stella have made remarkable improvements, I am so pleased!

This is a truly professional Training Company, I highly recommend Happy Dog Training!

Jeni R,

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