Shelly and Rocky were running the household until Ralf got here. One day, Shelly didn't want to go into her run anymore. She became what could be called hysterical, in a human being; we knew we had to do something.

Ralf took charge right away and we saw progress within a half hour. My husband and I were looking at each other mouthing "Did you see that?" to each other.

Our dogs were not good walkers, so we almost never walked them, but let them out on the property to do what they needed to do. When we walked, they would try to rip your arms out of the sockets. They would strain and bark and go crazy when there was any change in their world, a car, a leaf, a person- and watch out world- ANOTHER DOG! Once we got them in line on the walk, it is now a pleasure to take a walk and everyone looks forward to it. They notice distractions in the world but don't lose their composure anymore.

The best part is that Ralf teaches you how to get the same results he gets. It appears to be magic until you do it yourself a couple times and realize how easy it is to be the boss of these two.

Since we had Ralf's help, we are maintaining the rules and getting the same results. If I see us getting sloppy again, I just review what Ralf taught us and see that the answer is there. We make a few corrections and everyone is happy again.

Ralf explained a lot about how dogs think and behave and why. It makes perfect sense. If you remember the way dogs think, you can apply what you have learned when you encounter some odd behavior and need to figure out why your dog is acting the way he is.

I would recommend Ralf to anyone having any behavior issue with their dog, or to improve your relationship with your best friend, even if you see no big problem. It was fun and we got results right away.

Lynn S.,

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