Like many other of Ralf's clients have stated, we saw a big change in our dog Sparky after just one session. Yesterday, after just six sessions, Sparky "graduated." Those sessions with Ralf transformed not only Sparky, but us as well. Frankly, my husband and I needed the training as much if not more than Sparky did. We learned about dog psychology (pretty fascinating) and what was going on in Sparky's brain. He was picking up on MY anxiety and acting out on our walks. He used to bark, growl and lunge at people and dogs we would meet - very embarrassing. Now he barely acknowledges them. I feel much more competent as a dog owner now, and when we go on our walks, I feel confident and in control. When we go in or out of a door, he waits for me to go first. Because, you see, I am now the PACK LEADER. All this is thanks to Ralf. He was wonderful to work with - besides being extremely knowledgeable, he is very interesting, personable, and quite a funny guy. He REALLY knows dogs, what they need, and what you can do to help them. We would definitely recommend him to anyone needing help with their dog. Thanks Ralf.

Toni C.,

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