I attended one of Ralf's Dog Walking 101 classes. My 18-month-old female Pit Bull is obedience trained but still has a problem wanting to walk a little bit ahead of me. As soon as Ralf took the leash, she walked perfectly! He demonstrated for me the right way to hold the leash and the right way to correct. He also explained dog psychology in a way that made total sense and was easy to understand. He is respectful of the dogs and their owners.

I took my Pitty for a walk this morning ... OMG! It was magic. I kept her leash much shorter and not to say I didn't have to correct her, but so much less and she responded immediately. I quit being so paranoid about the fact that she wasn't exactly where she was supposed to be according to AKC standards for obedience shows and allowed her front legs (shoulder) to be even with my legs with her head a little in front of me. Some professionals say that is a no-no. Well, it worked just fine and I was very happy with it. Sometimes she would even drop back a little on her own which Ralf told me she would eventually do. I sure didn't expect it less than 24 hours later!

Sometimes when we walk, a few people will comment on how pretty she is. This morning a man on a bicycle said, "She is a very pretty dog." Another man walking said, "What a nice dog." Another man on a bicycle was looking back at us and said, "She is very smooth.". I didn't catch the rest of it cause looking back at us he went a little to the left and almost into the path of a bus! I had to yell at him to watch out. The whole point of this is: my one lesson with Ralf last nite was amazing and made my walk with my Pitty today the BEST I have ever had with her.

I intend to go further with my dog's training and when she and I are ready for that, I will be calling Ralf to get started. Thank you Ralf !!!

Ellie D.,

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