Ralf is a terrific dog trainer and a terrific guy. He has definitely helped me to be a more confident, competent pack leader. We started our sessions shortly after Suzi, my year old Shih Tzu-Maltese mix, and I were attacked and injured by a large dog in our gated community. It was traumatic and I had lost my confidence and was fearful. I knew that I needed a support system to turn things around. I lucked out turning to Angie"s List and finding Ralf Weber.

Starting with our first session I gravitated toward Ralf's direction and calmness, learning so much. We started with "the walk" using a collar that Ralf recommended. That collar immediately made such a difference.

We worked together for about 2.5 months. I have purchased and read Ralf's book, and will keep it as a valuable reference.

Suzi and I practice our walk each day and much more. I am becoming a calm and assertive pack leader. Suzi understands that I am in charge now. She is far less fearful, and so am I. Thank you Ralf!

Joanne E.,

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