From the time Willow was a few months old, I knew that this smart girl of mine needed more training than I was able to provide. I began to seek out trainers that would provide a one-on-one training environment to help target Willow's insecure barking and reactivity towards people and dogs ... this search landed us in the hands of Ralf Weber from Happy Dog Training.

I'm amazed at the progress both Willow and I made during our 15 sessions. She went from reacting and checking out, to either no reaction or reacting and then checking in for further direction. Oh, the magic of the ‘ah-ah’!

Ralf’s methods are simple and clear with a focus on timing and direction using verbal markers. This speaks to me as a horse person who trains horses using natural horsemanship methods. If natural dogmanship is a thing, Ralf has it!

Willow and I still have work to do but I feel fully equipped with the knowledge and tools to continue her progress.

Angela A.,

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