• Fundamentals of the Dog Training Process (Engagement & Markers)

    Fundamentals of the Dog Training Process

    Learn the foundational principles behind professional dog training. Understand why the core concepts of creating engagement and marker training are…

  • Understanding Dog Training

    Understanding Dog Training

    Gain some insights into how to approach dog training in general to get a reliable dog. Not all dogs are…

  • Housebreaking


    Understand how to approach housebreaking your dog and why paying a dog trainer beyond one session for this particular task…

  • Dog Training vs Behaviorism

    Dog Training vs Behaviorism

    Dog training is the art of teaching your dog new tricks and commands. These can be commands like 'sit', 'stay'…

  • Preventing Aggression in Dogs

    Preventing Aggression in Dogs

    Learn how dogs can become aggressive and how to prevent it from happening in the first place. The things we…

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