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New dog owner? Too busy to train your dog? We can help! Our comprehensive board and train obedience program teaches your dog all the basics and goes far beyond what pet shops or other companies offer. This is an investment in your dog and you will enjoy the results for years to come. In addition to a broad set of commands, your dog will learn good manners, including not jumping up on people, walking on a loose leash, and paying attention to its family and not other dogs or distractions. See the full list below.

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Our Program is Different

This board and train obedience program is different as Ralf was trained by one of the best dog trainers in the world with a record to prove it. Our program is motivational, engaging, and fun. Your dog will enjoy it and you will enjoy the weekly training videos. You can follow the progress along.

In our training, we consider your dog's genetics, intelligence, and emotions. We create the best possible learning environment and identify your dog's innate genetic, breed-specific needs. This allows us to develop activities for you and your dog that will keep him/her biologically fulfilled and out of trouble. Did you know that most dog "misbehaviors" are simply displacement activities for unfulfilled genetic needs? With our program, you will never have to worry about that because you will know how to fulfill your dog every day. This keeps your buddy happy and healthy, builds the strongest bond possible, and is a lot of fun. This has nothing to do with walking your dog. It goes much deeper than that.

To do it the right way, our board and train obedience program is six to eight weeks long. This allows us to get to know your dog, become friends, and teach through games for superior learning results. You will love it! We don't just force your dog into submission as fast as possible. Unfortunately, that is still too common these days. We treat your dog like a fellow creature, with love and compassion.

Your Dog's Experience in Training Matters

Your dog will stay in the home of one of our experienced trainers and not be stored in a kennel. He will be part of our family during training and get lots of personal attention. We work in motivational, gentle ways. Your furry family member will enjoy the training. Expect to come out for a few sessions with your dog starting halfway through the program. This will help you see your buddy and enjoy some of the progress midstream. It will also help with getting the best results down the line when your dog comes home. At the end of the board and train obedience program, we further help transition your pup successfully from us to you.

Is Your Dog Ready?

This program teaches your dog new skills and is only available to dogs without behavioral issues. If your dog has behavioral issues like fear or aggression, we can help you resolve those as well, but that will have to be done separately first. Resolving such issues has nothing to do with obedience training and requires customized behavior training.

Board-And-Train Program Benefits:

  • Get the dog you always wanted!
  • Imagine your dog walking next to you on a loose leash and staying by your side in crowds.
  • Enjoy your dog coming back to you when you call.
  • Get compliments for your dog sitting down next to you when you stop and calmly waiting for you to continue.
  • Have confidence that your dog won't pick up that medication you just dropped.
  • You'll receive regular updates during training and we'll set up a personal YouTube playlist with training videos of your dog. We'll add one new video per week, sometimes more. Those videos will remain online after training for you to view, download or share with anyone you like. A great memory!

Program Structure

The first part of the board and train obedience program is spent on building the right relationship and foundation. Too many programs fail to allow the dog to get fully comfortable, be ready to learn, and lay a solid foundation. As a result, the dogs don't learn reliable behaviors. If you have to hold a treat in your hand for your dog to actually sit, the training fell short. Foundational training means we teach your dog a marker system that allows you to better communicate with your dog in daily life and make sense to your companion. Too often we and our dog are talking past each other. We will change that. Learning these basics first improves your relationship as it allows you to provide clarity to your dog and your companion will appreciate that. Part one usually takes around two weeks.

The second part of the program focuses on all outlined commands and behaviors. In addition, your dog also learns to understand the collar and leash. They should be informational tools and not frustrating restraint devices. Part two takes usually around three to four weeks.

The third part of the program focuses on proofing everything to increase reliability in face of distractions. Part three takes usually around two to three weeks.

During Board-And-Train Your Dog Will Learn:

  • Respecting you and your family just as much as it already loves you.
  • Rules and behaviors that keep it out of trouble.
  • Paying attention to you and following your commands.
  • Signal words (aka markers): yes, okay, good, ah-ah, no.
  • Command behaviors: sit, down, stay, come, leave it, off, out, and kennel.
  • Walking in a heel on a short leash next to you AND walking loosely on a 6-ft leash; both without pulling.
  • Ignoring dogs and other distractions.
  • Stopping and sitting when you stop.

You will receive free lifetime support for the dog the program was purchased for.

How to Get Started

The price of this program is $4000. Our availability is limited and we usually have a waitlist. However, most dogs can start within one to two months of contacting us. To secure a training spot you have to make a 50% non-refundable down payment at the time of booking. That, together with signing the training contract locks in your training spot. Both things are done electronically and we accept payment by cash, check, credit card, or PayPal. We also offer financing through Affirm. Contact us today to get started by clicking below.

Based out of Riverside County, Happy Dog Training offers a broad range of dog training and behavioral services. Our in-person and board and train services are available in Riverside County, Orange County, San Bernardino County, Los Angeles County, and San Diego County. In addition, Happy Dog Training offers coaching and virtual training services worldwide.
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