Board and Train Obedience

Too busy to train your dog? We can help! This comprehensive, 8-week board-and-train program teaches your dog all the basics and goes far beyond what is being offered by pet shops. This is an investment in your dog and you will enjoy the results for years to come. Your dog will learn good manners including—but not limited to—not jumping up at people, walking on a loose leash and paying attention to its family and not other dogs or distractions—full list below.
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Your dog will stay in the home of one of our experienced trainers and not be stored in a kennel. Your dog will be part of our family during training and get lots of personal attention. We work in motivational, gentle ways and at the end of training show you what your dog has learned and help with transitioning your pup successfully from us to you.
This program teaches your dog new skills and is only available to dogs without behavioral issues. If your dog has behavioral issues like fear or aggression, we can help you resolve those as well, but that will have to be done separately first. Resolving such issues has nothing to do with obedience training and requires behavioral conditioning.
Program Benefits:

  • Get the dog you always wanted!
  • Imagine your dog walking next to you on a loose leash and staying by your side in crowds.
  • Enjoy your dog coming back to you when you call.
  • Get compliments for your dog sitting down next to you when you stop and calmly waiting for you to continue.
  • Have confidence that your dog won't pick up that medication you just dropped.
  • You'll receive regular picture updates during training and we'll set up a personal YouTube playlist with training videos of your dog. Those videos will remain online after training for you to view, download or share with anyone you like. A great memory!
The first part of the training time is spent on foundational training. Too many programs fail to lay a solid foundation and as a result, the dogs don't learn reliable behaviors. If you have to hold a treat in your hand for your dog to actually sit down, it's obvious that the training fell short. Foundational training means we teach your dog a marker system that allows you to better communicate with your dog in daily life and make sense to your companion. Too often we and our dog are talking past each other. We will change that. Regardless of context you will be able to let your dog know when he does well and should keep doing it, did well but can do something else now, did something that is never okay, is doing something that is generally okay but has taken it too far or is going about something the wrong way and should try it a different way. Your dog also learns to understand the collar and leash as an informational tool and not as a frustrating restraint device. Learning these basics first improves your relationship as it allows you to provide clarity to your dog and that will be appreciated by your companion.

Your Dog Will Learn:

  • Respecting you and your family just as much as it already loves you.
  • Rules and behaviors that keep it out of trouble.
  • Paying attention to you and following your commands.
  • Command behaviors: sit, down, stay, come, watch me, leave it and place.
  • Walking on a loose leash next to you without pulling.
  • Ignoring dogs and other distractions.
  • Stopping and sitting when you stop.
  • Sitting and politely waiting at the door when people come over.

You will receive free lifetime support for the dog the program was purchased for.

Based out of Corona in Riverside County, we currently offer dog training and behavior modification in the following areas: Riverside County, Orange County, San Bernardino County, Los Angeles County and San Diego County.
Don't wait any longer! Contact us here for a consultation to discuss how we can help you best.

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