• Let’s be Clear
    Not much enrages the temperaments of dog trainers more than arguing about the true nature of dogs. One would think that by now we would have settled this argument, but clearly, we haven't. And while we probably have as many opinions as we have dog trainers,...
  • The Truth About Pit Bulls by Chad Mackin
    This post was written by internationally acknowledged dog trainer Chad Mackin and reposted with his permission. Please check out Chad's online sources below. Consider subscribing to his podcast "Something to Bark About" and following him on Facebook. Dog owners and dog trainers equally enjoy his thoughtful...
  • Play is the Way!
    As Stuart Brown outlined in his 2009 TED Talk “Play is more than Fun”, Play is an essential part of cognitive, emotional and physical development. True Play doesn’t have a purpose more important than playing itself. Neurologist Frank Wilson (author of The Hand) also points out...
  • Positive Dog Training
    Everyone wants positive training, right? Why wouldn’t you? Negative training doesn’t sound like a good idea. Or “force-based training”? Or “pain-based training”? Or my favorite “outdated dominance-based theories”. And the list goes on and on.
  • Too Much Stress Will …
    Stress is a fact of life. We all experience stress every day and must learn to develop some resilience to the life stresses we deal with and manage daily. People without the ability to handle stress, can’t function in our world. This is no different for dogs ...
  • My Vet said …
    Understanding some of the key findings from the latest research on vaccinations, tick and flea control, parasite and worm prevention, spaying and neutering, allergy tests and treatments, choosing dog food, and anxiety medications helps you making informed ...
  • Help! My Dog Killed a Squirrel! What Do I Do?
    Dogs are apex predators. That means, they sit on top of the food chain and don’t have natural enemies for whom they are a primary food source. Dogs are the hunters, not the hunted. As such, it is entirely normal for a dog to chase and kill smaller animals.
  • What is Toxic to Dogs?
    You probably have seen lists of products, vegetables, fruits, nuts or medications that are toxic to dogs. It’s certainly good to know what is safe for your dog to eat but what is usually missing is the quantity at which consumption is truly dangerous.
  • Rattlesnake Season is Here
    With the arrival of spring, we love to be outdoors and take our pets with us to explore and enjoy the beauties of nature. Trails and parks abound in Southern California and offer a wide array of different habitats, from low deserts to high Alpine forests.
  • Don’t Walk Your Dog! Ever!
    We are really unfair to our dogs in many ways. We often don’t respect them or treat them fairly. We don’t teach them well enough to understand a command but expect them to master it regardless. We even get mad at them when they don’t get it. How is that fair?

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