• Positive Dog Training
    Everyone wants positive, science-based dog training. That's what's best for your dog, right? Are you sure, it's that simple? There is a lot more to good dog training than you've been told. Find out what actual, peer-reviewed learning science has to say on the best way to train your dog.
  • Separation Anxiety in Dogs
    Every dog finds forced isolation unpleasant. No dog enjoys you going to work and leaving them alone for eight to ten hours a day. Dogs are social creatures. While dogs sleep a lot and do need their alone time, most of the time, they would rather...
  • Build Your Dog Up!
    Building your dog up is the key to a successful partnership with your furry family member. Too often, trainers just want you to punish your dog for perceived misbehavior. But how can your dog know what you want if you never made it clear so he can understand?
  • Shadow Student Sara White (#8)
    A dog training conversation with my shadow student Sara White, branching out wide and far ... the seeking system, workshops, learning principles, Sara's dogs Exodus and Harley, socialization, obedience, what we focus on, and more.
  • Dog Daycare Considerations

    Summer is here and many of us like to go on vacation or road trips during this time of year. But what about your canine family member? We have some tips and recommendations for the summer travel season.

  • Clarity in Dog Training

    Family dogs do best when they understand how everything in the home functions. How each family member interacts with them. What each family member accepts and doesn't accept in their interactions. How to have the best day in the home. And so on. Clarity matters.

  • The Truth About Pit Bulls by Chad Mackin
    I’ve been seeing a lot of posts about pit bulls lately. Some written in defense of them, others on why their history makes them more dangerous than other dogs. Almost everything I’ve read misses the point in big ways. So, let’s get our hands dirty and get into some controversy, shall we?

  • Play is the Way!
    Play-based dog training is the most effective form of dog training there is. Because it speaks the fundamental nature of dogs. Canines refine their innate hunting skills through rough-and-tumble play with their littermates. As Stuart Brown outlined in his 2009 TED Talk “Play is more than...
  • Stress in Dogs
    Stress is a fact of life. We all experience stress every day and must learn to develop some resilience to the life stresses we deal with and manage daily. People without the ability to handle stress, can’t function in our world. This is no different for dogs ...
  • My Vet said …
    Understanding some of the key findings from the latest research on vaccinations, tick and flea control, parasite and worm prevention, spaying and neutering, allergy tests and treatments, choosing dog food, and anxiety medications helps you make informed decisions.

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