Understanding Fear and Anxiety in Dogs

Many dogs we work with have varying degrees of anxiety and in case of certain breeds it quite disturbing to witness. For example, my favorite breed, the German Shepherd Dog is supposed to be unshockable by nature—based on the breed standard and origination. However,


Rattlesnakes: Avoidance Training vs. Vaccines

I highly recommend you consider rattlesnake avoidance training for your dog as it can save its life. As you will read below, rattlesnake vaccines have many limits and risks, and don't provide protection like other types of vaccines; they just buy you some additional time.

The Layered Stress Model

Every dog has a threshold at which it fails to perform. There is always a breaking point. That can mean that distractions become too intense for a dog to still follow obedience commands. It can be that a fearful dog is getting too stressed and shuts down or blows up.